Soleo Health Chosen as Specialized Pharmacy Partner for RYPLAZIM® in Treating Plasminogen Deficiency Type 1 (PLGD-1)

Soleo Health, a prominent provider of specialized pharmacy services for rare and ultra-rare diseases, has been designated as a limited distribution specialty pharmacy partner for dispensing RYPLAZIM® (plasminogen, human-tvmh), developed by Kedrion Biopharma. RYPLAZIM, the first and only FDA-approved treatment for plasminogen deficiency type 1 (PLGD-1) in the United States, addresses a condition affecting approximately 500 individuals in the country. PLGD-1, categorized as an ultra-rare disease, leads to diminished levels of plasminogen activity, often resulting in fibrinous lesions on various organs. The primary symptom for about 81% of patients is lesions on one or both eyes, but these lesions can manifest throughout the body, potentially affecting all organs with mucous membranes. Patients diagnosed with PLGD-1 typically require lifelong treatment.

Bob Rossilli, Chief Commercial Officer of Kedrion Biopharma, expressed appreciation for the ongoing partnership with Soleo Health, particularly in the distribution of RYPLAZIM. He emphasized the confidence in the collaboration’s ability to enhance the quality of life for PLGD-1 patients by ensuring essential medication accessibility.

Drew Walk, CEO of Soleo Health, highlighted the company’s pride in being selected as one of the few specialty pharmacy providers entrusted with administering RYPLAZIM to PLGD-1 patients. Recognizing the complexity of conditions like PLGD-1, he underscored Soleo Health’s commitment to delivering clinical excellence and specialized knowledge to facilitate patient access to treatment while streamlining their care processes. The partnership with Kedrion Biopharma presents an opportunity for Soleo Health to significantly impact the lives of PLGD-1 patients.

For individuals seeking information about receiving RYPLAZIM therapy and related services through Soleo Health, the company can be contacted via phone at 844.547.8600 or fax at 380.257.2419

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