Supporting Save the Children Finland: Orion’s Donation Ensures No Child or Young Person Copes Alone

The rising cost of living compounds the difficulties faced by low-income families with children, creating an urgent need for support, says Heidi Herranen, Coordinator of Save the Children Finland’s Fuel for Life Programme. Orion’s donation of EUR 50,000, split between Finnish and East African programs, aims to address this need.

Orion’s CEO, Liisa Hurme, emphasizes the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, particularly in supporting children and young people during global crises like the pandemic and climate change. Partnering with Save the Children Finland was a deliberate choice due to the organization’s impactful work both locally and internationally.

Save the Children Finland’s Fuel for Life program focuses on providing food aid and enabling access to hobbies and educational materials for children and families in Finland. By supporting hobbies, the program fosters a sense of belonging and optimism among children, which is crucial for their future.

Part of Orion’s donation will aid Save the Children Finland’s efforts in East Africa, particularly in Sudan, where ongoing conflict threatens the well-being and future of children. The organization provides essential health and nutrition services, education support, and protection for vulnerable children affected by violence and malnutrition.

Kristina Lírová, Programme Manager for Sudan at Save the Children Finland, highlights the dire situation in Sudan, where conflict has disrupted long-term development efforts, leaving children at risk of recruitment into armed groups, child marriages, and gender-based violence. Orion’s contribution will specifically support vaccination and nutrition programs, offering hope for the recovery and well-being of affected children.

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