The Chemical Quality Control Laboratory: Guardian of Standards in the Pharmaceutical Plant

The Role of Quality Control at Orion Pharmaceuticals

Maija Blomquist, the Quality Control Manager for Materials, Gels & Ointments, underscores the pivotal role of quality control in maintaining Orion’s product standards. Acting as sentinels throughout the production cycle, her team ensures the integrity of both raw materials and final products.

Based in Turku, Blomquist’s Chemical Quality Control laboratory, alongside units in Espoo and Salo, meticulously assesses samples of raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, packaging materials, and finished creams and gels. Their responsibilities extend to monitoring production equipment cleanliness, troubleshooting production issues, and testing product shelf life.

With Orion’s extensive product range, the Turku laboratory employs numerous analytical techniques and thousands of methods. Blomquist emphasizes the precision and diversity required in pharmaceutical quality control, reflecting the industry’s exacting standards.

Over 60 analytical experts, including laboratory technicians and chemistry specialists, collaborate across three teams. They conduct analyses, supervise operations, and investigate anomalies, ensuring thorough quality assessments.

Juha Järvenpää, a QC Development Specialist, highlights the dynamic nature of their work, which involves constant communication with production and quality assurance teams. Technical support, managed by Kaisa Knuuttila, ensures the laboratory’s smooth functioning and oversees equipment maintenance and software operations.

Quality control demands meticulousness and adaptability. Järvenpää and Blomquist stress the importance of problem-solving skills and a commitment to occupational safety in handling various chemicals.

Orion’s laboratory staff boasts diverse educational backgrounds, ranging from technicians to PhDs, united by their expertise in chemistry. Opportunities for career development and tailored job descriptions foster employee satisfaction.

Kindness, collaboration, and supportive colleagues define the work environment. New hires receive comprehensive induction training, fostering integration into the pharmaceutical industry and promoting teamwork.

Ultimately, the team’s shared goal is patient safety. Blomquist underscores the significance of their work in ensuring that patients receive the precise products they need, reinforcing the meaningfulness of their collective efforts at Orion Pharmaceuticals.

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