TVM Capital Healthcare Announces $35 Million Investment in Boston Oncology Arabia

TVM Capital Healthcare Announces $35 Million Investment in Boston Oncology Arabia

TVM Capital Healthcare, an international healthcare expansion and growth capital firm, has announced a $35 million investment in Boston Oncology Arabia, a bio-generic drugs manufacturing company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in Riyadh with a production facility in Sudair Industrial City, Boston Oncology Arabia provides essential medicines for critical conditions through the local development and manufacturing of internationally licensed, top-tier therapeutics.

With the increasing demand in Saudi Arabia for locally manufactured, life-saving specialty drug treatments, Boston Oncology Arabia is well-positioned to become a key provider of specialty generics and biosimilar medications in the Kingdom. By utilizing approved formulations, the company ensures the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality, safety, and efficacy.

Boston Oncology Arabia is aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by supplying critical care medicines through flexible local manufacturing facilities and leveraging its international licensing relationships with markets in the West and East.

TVM Capital Healthcare, with its extensive experience in the Middle East, will accelerate Boston Oncology Arabia’s progression into full formulation and fill and finish manufacturing at its Sudair Industrial City facility. The firm will also offer strategic support and utilize its global network to expand the company’s access to international suppliers.

Abdullah Baaj, MD, PharmD, Founder & CEO of Boston Oncology Arabia, stated: “Our localization model is designed to create value in complex and competitive markets. With TVM Capital Healthcare’s support, we can strengthen our position and bring advanced, specialized manufacturing to the GCC and MENA region, benefiting millions of patients.”

Orhan Osmansoy, Managing Partner at TVM Capital Healthcare, commented: “Boston Oncology Arabia is a significant player in Saudi’s pharmaceutical sector. With a strong management team, the company leads in therapeutics for oncology and critical care. We are excited to partner with Kanoo Ventures on this journey, as Boston Oncology Arabia boosts local production, reduces healthcare costs, and improves access to essential medications in the Kingdom.”

Dr. Helmut M. Schuehsler, Chairman and CEO of TVM Capital Healthcare, added: “We are proud to support Boston Oncology Arabia in providing high-quality, affordable, and locally manufactured generics and biosimilar drugs to Saudi Arabia. Along with aiding their local manufacturing expansion, we aim to enhance their licensing relationships in Europe and the U.S. through our international networks. This investment reaffirms our commitment to improving local communities’ access to world-class healthcare services while delivering strong returns to investors.”

TVM Capital Healthcare is noted as the first international fund manager to invest in and operate major healthcare companies in the Kingdom. The firm is also active in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, investing in healthcare growth deals in Europe and the U.S. to support these companies’ expansion into these regions. With this dual strategy, TVM Capital Healthcare enhances access to world-class products, technologies, and services in emerging economies.

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