Unprecedented Opportunities: 265+ Collaborative and Licensing Deals in In-Vitro Diagnostics

The ‘In Vitro Diagnostic Collaboration and Licensing Deals 2016-2024’ report offers an extensive analysis and unprecedented access to collaboration and licensing agreements in the global biopharma industry. Updated and meticulously compiled, this report delves into the intricate details of over 267 in vitro diagnostic deals spanning from 2016 to 2024.

It provides in-depth insights into the motivations and structures behind these deals, which typically encompass collaborative R&D efforts and strategies for commercialization. Each deal is categorized into collaboration, development, research, and licensing agreements.

The report includes a comprehensive listing of these deals, detailing financial terms where available, and provides direct links to online records and contract documents submitted to the Securities Exchange Commission by partnering companies.

Key chapters of the report offer an orientation to in vitro diagnostic dealmaking, overviewing trends since 2016, showcasing leading deals by value, profiling the most active companies in dealmaking, and organizing deals by specific technology types.

Readers benefit from a detailed understanding of deal trends, access to a directory categorized by company, deal type, and therapeutic area, insights into deal structures through contract documents, and valuable benchmarks for transaction values and terms. This resource saves significant research time and supports informed decision-making for potential partnerships in the in vitro diagnostic sector.

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