Upneeq® Clinches 2024 Shape Skin Award for ‘Best Lift’ in the Professional Treatment Category

RVL Pharmaceuticals has proudly announced that Upneeq® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), 0.1%, its prescription eye drop, has received the esteemed 2024 Shape Skin Award from Shape Magazine. This prestigious recognition, naming Upneeq® as “Best for Lift” in the professional category, marks the third consecutive year of acknowledgment for the product by Shape. Previously, Upneeq® was honored as “Best Professional Grade” in 2022 and received the 2023 Shape Beauty Award for “Best In-Office” treatments. Upneeq® is FDA approved for treating acquired ptosis (droopy eyelids) in adults.

The 2024 Shape Skin Awards involved meticulous testing and evaluation by editors, who assessed over 225 expert-endorsed face, body, and hair products, as well as facial devices and aesthetic medical treatments. Their decisions were informed by consultations with board-certified industry experts and extensive research into skincare studies. Upneeq® stood out for its effectiveness, innovation, and performance, ultimately earning recognition for its subtle yet impactful lift for droopy eyelids.

Expressing gratitude for this accolade, Jennifer Hanlon, Head of Digital Marketing and Consumer Technology at RVL Pharmaceuticals, emphasized the significance of Shape Magazine’s acknowledgment within the beauty industry. She highlighted the empowering role of Shape as a trusted advocate for health and beauty, whose community prioritizes quality self-care. Hanlon underscored Upneeq®’s consistent performance and positive impact as reflected in its consecutive awards.

Upneeq® stands out as a unique daily eye drop designed for adult patients with acquired ptosis, providing a non-invasive solution for lifting the eyelid and enhancing the appearance of the eye area. Widely available at eye care, dermatology, plastic surgery, and medical aesthetic practices nationwide, as well as through telehealth appointments with SkinSolutions.MD, Upneeq® has demonstrated significant improvements in clinical trials compared to placebo. Its most common adverse reactions include eye inflammation, redness, dryness, blurred vision, eye pain, irritation, and headache.

The safety information associated with Upneeq® underscores its potential effects on blood pressure and eye pressure, particularly in patients with certain medical conditions or those using specific medications. Patients are advised to discuss their medical history comprehensively with their healthcare provider before starting Upneeq®. Detailed safety information is available in the full Prescribing Information for Upneeq®.

For reporting any side effects or seeking further information, patients can contact RVL Pharmaceuticals at 1-877-482-3788 or the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088, or visit www.fda.gov/medwatch.

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