Walgreens Pharmacist Honored as Advocate for Minority Health

As the daughter of immigrants, Gabriela Ziccarelli, PharmD, BCACP, is deeply committed to reducing health disparities, particularly among minority communities. With nearly two decades at Walgreens, she has dedicated much of her career to serving in underrepresented areas where Spanish is predominantly spoken.

Ziccarelli’s journey began with a profound realization of the communication barriers faced by her patients, leading her to become a vital link in ensuring they received the healthcare they deserved. Through her advocacy, she has made significant strides in advancing the health of minority communities, one patient at a time.

In her current role as the manager of pharmacy innovation in the Office of Clinical Integrity at Walgreens, Ziccarelli continues her mission on a larger scale. Her impactful work has earned her recognition, including being named among the 2024 40 Under 40 Leaders in Minority Health by the National Minority Quality Forum.

Reflecting on her path, Ziccarelli traces her passion for healthcare back to her sister, also a pharmacist, who inspired her with her community-focused approach. Joining Walgreens as a pharmacy technician in 2004, Ziccarelli’s career trajectory saw her assume various roles within the company, culminating in her current position where she champions the quality of healthcare services provided.

Her involvement in the COVID-19 operational response team underscored her commitment to public health, where she played a pivotal role in ensuring safety measures and coordinating efforts to combat the pandemic’s spread. This experience propelled her into her current role, where she continues to advocate for quality healthcare services, including initiatives such as promoting accessibility to over-the-counter NARCAN® Nasal Spray to combat drug overdose stigma.

Ziccarelli’s personal experiences as an immigrant’s daughter have fueled her drive to advance minority health. She recognizes the importance of representation in healthcare and encourages aspiring Latino professionals to pursue their goals with confidence, knowing they bring a unique perspective to the communities they serve.

Outside of work, Ziccarelli values time with her family and engages in activities like playing classical piano and traveling, which allow her to recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance. She remains proud to be a Walgreens pharmacist, grateful for the opportunity to amplify the voices of the Latino community in healthcare.

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