WHO grants prequalification to GSK’s Mosquirix – the first and only approved malaria vaccine

First prequalification for a malaria vaccine
Important step for rolling out the vaccine to children living in regions with moderate to high transmission
GSK plc( LSE/ NYSE GSK) blazoned moment that the World Health Organization( WHO) has awarded prequalification to Mosquirix( also known as RTS, S/ AS01), GSK’s groundbreaking malaria vaccine. This is the first prequalification for a malaria vaccine and is an important step in rolling out the vaccine in countries with moderate to highP. falciparum malaria transmission.
The WHO prequalification decision is a obligatory prerequisite for United Nations( UN) agencies, similar as UNICEF, to land the vaccine in cooperation with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and eligible countries. Pre-qualification for Mosquirix is the result of a rigorous nonsupervisory process with the assessment of clinical, safety and specialized data icing that the vaccine meets norms of quality, safety and efficacity, and is suitable for the target population.

Thomas Breuer, Chief Global Health Officer, GSK, said “ WHO prequalification of Mosquirix is a crucial step in reaching children with the first and only approved malaria vaccine. Malaria remains a significant cause of illness and death for children in numerous corridor of the world, and it’s a significant motorist of inequality. So far, over 1 million children in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi have had at least one cure of Mosquirix, bestowed by GSK, through the Malaria Vaccine perpetration Programme, and WHO’s prequalification paves the way for further children to profit from the vaccine. ”
About Mosquirix

Working in collaboration with PATH and other mates, GSK developed Mosquirix, the first vaccine to help cover children against the deadliest form of malaria,P. falciparum.
In 2021, WHO recommended broader use of GSK’s Mosquirix to reduce nonage illness and deaths from malaria in children living insub-Saharan Africa and other regions with moderate to high transmission as defined by WHO. GSK is presently working with mates to accelerate a product transfer for long- term antigen product, including technology transfer, to Bharat Biotech of India. This cooperation is anticipated to enable more effective product at advanced volumes over time.

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