WHO launches 4th Health for All Film Festival

WHO launches 4th Health for All Film Festival
WHO has launched a call for short flicks for the 4th edition of the Health for All Film Festival.

“ The WHO Health for All Film Festival has come an inconceivable platform for telling important stories from around the world about people who face all kinds of health challenges, and those who devote their lives to perfecting health, ” said WHO Director- General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “ flicks give an authentic way for affected people to connect with others and contribute to a better understanding of the communities we serve. ”

The call for short flicks( over to 8 twinkles long) opens on 31 October 2022 and will close on 31 January 2023. WHO invites public institutions, nongovernmental associations, communities of cases and of health workers, scholars in public health and film seminaries from around the world to submit their original short film. The jubilee is also open to independent film- makers, product companies and television broadcasters.

Around 70 shortlisted flicks will be presented to the public in April 2023 via WHO’s Youtube channel and website. From this list, a jury of distinguished professionals, artists, activists and elderly experts at WHO will elect the award- winning flicks. Sharon Stone, critically acclaimed actress from the USA and public advocate of health and philanthropic issues, has verified that she’ll join the jury again in 2023, having shared in the 2022 jubilee.( https//youtu.be/ ahM7dwXZs8k).

Three “ GRAND PRIX ” will be awarded, one for each main order, aligned with WHO’s major global public health pretensions universal health content, health extremities, better health and good. There will also be special prizes for flicks about climate change and health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, a pupil- produced film, and a veritably short film( 1 ’ to 2 ’ 30 ” in length).

Winning flicks from the jubilee are helping to increase mindfulness and support for crucial health issues worldwide. With an normal of 1150 cessions each time from 110 countries, the flicks are decreasingly being used by other institutions and mates for health creation and education, and unborn solidarity are being explored with WHO Academy and WHO Behavioural perceptivity programme.

“ liar is an engagement between people. It’s not just someone making a film, it’s someone watching a film, ” said WHO Executive Director of Health extremities Programme, Dr Mike Ryan, film jubilee juror in 2021. “ This is exactly how WHO should be transubstantiating Transforming how we engage with the world and this jubilee is just one illustration of how we can change our mindset. ”

In honour of WHO’s 75th anniversary in 2023, this call for flicks is also exceptionally open to literal flicks and to recent flicks by scholars participating their vision about current challenges and unborn results to ameliorate health. A special playlist will be created to punctuate these testaments.

For further details, visit the multilingual jubilee website https//www.who.int/film-festival

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