Bay Area Research Logistics Opens New US Location to Enhance Global Presence and Customer Service

Bay Area Research Logistics (BARL), a prominent provider of clinical trial services, has announced its expansion into the US market with the establishment of a new facility in New York State. Since its inception in 2007, BARL has been at the forefront of clinical supply services across all phases of clinical trials. The addition of this new depot is aimed at enhancing client service, optimizing global clinical trial operations, and facilitating future growth.

Located strategically near the US/Canadian border, the depot will significantly bolster BARL’s capability to meet the needs of its clients nationwide and globally. Equipped with walk-in cold rooms, standard and ultra-low freezers, and controlled warehousing, the facility offers a comprehensive range of temperature storage options (-80°C, -20ºC, 2-8ºC, 15-25ºC). BARL continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and efficiency through investments in technologies such as electronic inventory management and a robust eQMS system.

Kaitlin Guarasci, BARL’s General Manager, expressed enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, “BARL is entering an exciting phase of expansion that directly aligns with our clients’ evolving needs, including minimizing supply request lead times, a hallmark of our service reputation in the industry. Our unwavering focus on client satisfaction and quality has driven consistent year-over-year growth in demand, and this new depot will provide the necessary capacity to further support the research industry.”

Scheduled to commence operations in late 2024, the depot will adhere strictly to US regulatory standards and benefit from BARL’s experienced Client Services and Quality teams. This expansion is expected to bolster support for multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and investigator-initiated trials.

Guarasci emphasized the operational efficiencies gained by having a skilled team on both sides of the border, noting, “This setup allows us to deliver for our clients more efficiently, mitigating risks associated with cross-border shipping.”

BARL operates under the umbrella of Bay Area Health Trust (BAHT), a pivotal player in Canada’s life sciences landscape for over two decades, bridging healthcare and innovation. Through its various units, BAHT provides essential products and services spanning clinical trial infrastructure to the commercialization of local innovations.

For further details on this exciting development or to discuss how BARL can exceed your clinical trial needs, please contact 1-844-892-2275, visit, or email [email protected].

About Bay Area Research Logistics (BARL): Founded in 2007 to support an international trial for the Population Health Research Institute in Hamilton, Ontario, BARL has evolved into a trusted logistics partner for leading researchers and biopharmaceutical companies across North America. The company specializes in providing tailored services to research institutions, biotech firms, pharmaceutical organizations, and investigator-initiated trials, assisting in the logistical design and successful execution of clinical trials worldwide.

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