CMI Media Group Utilizes KERV Interactive Technology for Introducing ‘Video Attention’ Metrics in Pharmaceutical Advertising

CMI Media Group, a global healthcare media strategy agency and part of WPP (NYSE: WPP), has announced a pioneering partnership with KERV Interactive, a leader in AI-powered video analysis, performance, and monetization. This collaboration introduces innovative ‘Video Attention’ metrics tailored for pharmaceutical advertising.

Through this strategic alliance, CMI Media Group’s extensive portfolio of pharmaceutical clients gains access to KERV’s cutting-edge online video, display, and connected TV (CTV) advertising technology. Central to this partnership is KERV’s proprietary Active Attention Index scoring system, designed to enhance engagement and optimize campaign performance based on deterministic attention metrics.

This initiative marks a significant advancement in the pharmaceutical sector, providing CMI clients with automated solutions to navigate audience engagement complexities and regulatory requirements. The integration of KERV’s technology transforms static videos into interactive narratives, engaging both consumer and healthcare professional (HCP) audiences alike.

Key benefits for CMI clients include streamlined creative creation and approval processes through KERV’s AI platform, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards at scale. Moreover, access to KERV’s curated inventory of interactive creative ad units enables delivery of highly engaging and conversion-oriented campaigns across various digital platforms.

Crucially, the partnership enhances reporting capabilities with KERV’s Active Attention Index, offering detailed insights into user interactions such as hovers, clicks, scene saves, conversions, and time spent. This granular data empowers advertisers to optimize campaigns towards qualified audience segments actively engaging with video content.

Toby Katcher, SVP of Video Investment at CMI Media Group, expressed confidence that this collaboration will set new benchmarks in pharmaceutical marketing by integrating precision targeting, automation, interactive capabilities, and attention-based optimizations.

Jay Wolff, Chief Revenue Officer at KERV Interactive, highlighted the transformative impact of automation technology in enhancing communication within the healthcare sector. By leveraging KERV’s technology alongside CMI’s healthcare expertise, the partnership aims to elevate the effectiveness and compliance of video advertising campaigns, ensuring meaningful consumer engagement and scalable performance.

Overall, the partnership between CMI Media Group and KERV Interactive represents a significant stride towards advancing video advertising strategies in the healthcare industry, promising greater efficiency, effectiveness, and impact in reaching target audiences.

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