Otsuka Pharma’s Indonesian Subsidiaries Earn Exemplar Award from EWTB for Tuberculosis Eradication Efforts

Otsuka Pharmaceutical proudly announces that its subsidiaries in Indonesia, PT Otsuka Indonesia (PTOI) and PT Amerta Indah Otsuka (PTAIO), have been honored with the prestigious 2024 Ending Workplace Tuberculosis (EWTB) Exemplar Award. This esteemed recognition, coinciding with World TB Day on March 24, underscores the exceptional efforts of companies like Otsuka in combating tuberculosis (TB).

The Exemplar Award, bestowed by the EWTB, acknowledges select companies that have made significant strides in tackling workplace tuberculosis within high-TB-burden areas. Established as a collaborative initiative supported by the Global Fund, Stop TB Partnership, World Economic Forum, and over 40 leading companies, the EWTB aims to galvanize the business sector’s involvement in detecting, treating, and preventing tuberculosis in workplaces. Otsuka became part of the EWTB project in 2022.

To qualify for this award, organizations must exhibit a steadfast commitment and continuous contributions to TB care and prevention in the workplace. Otsuka Novel Products GmbH (ONPG), serving as the company’s hub for TB operations, facilitated the nomination for this accolade. ONPG collaborates closely with Otsuka Indonesia and other affiliated entities, fostering connections with global health networks dedicated to combating TB.

Given Indonesia’s status as the second-highest TB burden nation globally, PTOI and PTAIO have directed their efforts toward addressing TB in the workplace through their FREE Tuberculosis at Workplaces program. Since its launch in July 2022, PTOI, PTAIO, along with their 31 corporate partners, have screened over 70,000 employees for tuberculosis. This initiative stands as one of the largest coordinated corporate TB screening programs worldwide, enabling the diagnosis of individuals who might otherwise have gone untreated. Furthermore, the program offers medical and nutritional support to those diagnosed with TB, ensuring they are connected with local health services and receive nutritional counseling for optimal care and smoother recovery.

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